Democrat for Sparks City Council


Sparks is a hometown place, but it’s growing up fast. Wendy will fight to make it a place that everyone can call home.

Wendy's priorities

affordable housing

As a Ward 1 resident, Wendy knows personally how much rent hurts - especially when it seems like it's always going up. She'll fight for lower rent, affordable housing, equitable zoning reform, and tenant protections.

better job opportunities

Rent is too high, but wages are also too low. I'll support our local unions and prioritize workforce training so everyone has fair wages and dignity in their work.

Sparks for ALL

Reno shouldn't be the only city in our valley that welcomes people of all identities. Wendy believes that LGBTQ+ acceptance is essential and that Black Lives Matter. She supports a Sparks Human Rights Commission and progressive criminal justice reform.



Your generosity makes our fight for Sparks's future possible. Our campaign depends on individual donations from people like you.

Wendy's Story

Wendy Stolyarov is a progressive Democrat who is passionate about people and good policy. She was born in West Texas, but she got to Northern Nevada as fast as she could. She’s lived in the beautiful Silver State for a decade, and aims to stay, trail-running and hiking as much of it as possible. She owns Bighorn Communications, which specializes in media and public relations for labor organizations in Northern Nevada.

Prior to starting her own business, she worked as the Director of Government Affairs for Filament, a blockchain technology startup, for NARAL as a field organizer, and as the Legislative Director in the Nevada Legislature for the Libertarian Party of Nevada during the 2017 Legislative Session, where she fought alongside the ACLU, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, NARAL, and other community organizations to advocate for progressive policies that improved the lives of regular Nevadans.


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